Buying a car is exciting, irrespective of whether it’s new or pre-owned – the fact is it’s new to you.

But sometimes buyers that could enough research and turn out having a vehicle which isn’t very dependable plus the excitement quickly dwindles down the road (as they say). Don’t allow this happen to you. Some time spent ahead of the purchase of a truck can help to conserve self-inflected migraines and excess costs in time. By checking these six aspects of pre-owned car prior to purchasing, you’re much more prone to acquire a dependable used motor car.


A car’s lifespan depends on the miles it is often driven, as opposed to the year it turned out. You must never get yourself a second hand car without checking the mileage first. The common car has about 15,000 miles almost every year it’s been around, so consider anything a lot higher or lower C i.e. above 20,000 per annum or below 5,000.

Worn Tires?

Many people overlook tires, however are a particularly important aspect of a previously owned car. In fact, the would be the only portion of the vehicle that connects your truck for the road. Old tires that demonstrate indication of extreme wear, low tread depth or are showing “cords” are unreliable and will make the car risky to drive, even when everything else is working. If your truck has worn tires, employ a new set placed on right away. A fantastic group of tires may also completely produce positive changes to driving experience.


Wheel alignment is an additional very common condition with used cars. Your vehicle shouldn’t pull to one side and also the tyre shouldn’t shake at any speed. Test this by driving on the flat, smooth road while loosely gripping the wheel. In the event the car slips on the left or right, you may have alignment issues. Luckily, this tends to typically easily be fixed at the local mechanic.

Dints, Dings and Paint

Inspect the entire body carefully for excessive damage. Minor scratches will not be a big deal, but watch out for dents, holes or something that resembles it may were repaired. Similarly, research for rust because high levels may make your body and undercarriage weak and fragile. Checking when the vehicle what food was in a life threatening accident is an additional technique to determine potential body damage. Ordering a CarFax or AutoCheck History Report will let you know should the vehicle features a reported accident in addition.?

Fluids, Leaks, oh my!?

Leaks is difficult to spot, yet it is vital that you research for them. A car’s fluid technique is a complex network that’s vital to maintain. If you can’t have learned to carefully consider leaks, an avowed mechanic can assist you. Check out leaking air conditioning fluid, brake fluid, head gaskets, and hoses. The best way? Simply look beneath car or where it had been parked. Don’t you use whatever spots in the grass?

Transmission Fluid and Smooth Shifts?

Replacing the transmission can be very expensive, therefore it’s wise to inspect it upfront while having spin. Operate the transmission dipstick to discover the transmission fluid if it’s a mechanical. ‘abnormal’ amounts can often mean leaks or neglect. Whether its a manual or automatic, be sure you explain to you most of the gears to make sure that each gear features a smooth shift. An authorized mechanic can be a great help on the subject of analyzing pre-owned transmission to get a issues.

By inspecting all six of such elements of the passenger truck, you need to be physically fit. However, lover more comprehensive list, check out our auto buying guide and download our checklist.