Have you spin the brand new Maserati SUV? Well there are, take your time to visit Naza Italia and take doing this new sports SUV for just a spin. Its diesel powered as well as it a SUV however the way it performs turns it into a sports sedan.

A thrilling engine sound is vital for every single Maserati additionally, the Maserati Levante Diesel isn’t a exception on account of the Maserati Active Sound system. Two sound actuators, fitted close to the exhaust tailpipes, accentuate the engine’s most engaging tones and adjust them depending on way your car is it being driven. In the event the driver presses the “sport” button, the sound gets to be more resonant and remarkably inspirational for just a diesel. Simply the soundtrack you realized with a Maserati.

With an 8-speed automatic & Q4 AWD

The ZF AT8 – HP70 gearbox ensures improved comfort, faster gear shifting, better fuel consumption and reduced Noise, Vibration and Harshness. It gives seven dedicated shift modes that may be selected on the cluster for the left from the gear knob: “normal”, “sport”, and “off-road” within both automatic and manual mode and also the I.C.E. mode – for Increased Control & Efficiency – that has been introduced for the first time inside fast selling Ghibli and super luxury Quattroporte sedans.

By default, the auto is scheduled to “auto normal” mode. This provides the ideal balance between ride comfort, reduced consumption and sporty character, performing smooth gear changes at low engine speeds.

The selectable “auto sport” mode adds to the powertrain’s sportiness with faster gear alterations in higher revs. The sportiest mode is “manual sport”, that permits the trucker to remain in the selected gear even though the engine reaches the rev limiter.

In “off road” mode, which is introduced the first time in a very Maserati, in the event the driver selects a chosen speed your car continues at this pace, regardless if climbing. This really is useful if your driver should give attention to a tough climb; the motor car will effectively drive itself, and the driver merely has to deal with the leader.

With “auto off-road” mode selected, the transmission recognises the different types of terrain, interacts together with the ESP and alters its shifting response accordingly.

In the I.C.E. mode, that is to be familiar to Ghibli drivers, gearshifts are almost unnoticeable for unrivalled ride comfort.

Now all you have to do will it be to see the Naza Italia showroom along Federal Highway in Petaling Jaya and experience this performance for you.

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? Maserati LEVANTE Diesel 275hp
Engine Layout Turbodiesel 600?V6 common rail
Displacement (cc) 2,987
Max. Power (kW / hp @ rpm) 202 / 275 @ 4,000
Max. Torque (Nm @ rpm) 600 @ 2,000-2,600
Fuel consumption
l/100 km (NEDC)
CO2?(g/km) 189
0-100 km/h (sec) 6.9
Top speed?(km/h) 230
Gearbox 8-speed automatic ZF AT8 – HP70
Transmission Q4 All Wheel Drive with rear limited slip differential
Suspension Front Double Wishbone, adjustable Air Springs, Skyhook shock absorbers
Suspension Rear Multi Link, adjustable Air Springs, Skyhook shock absorbers
Length/width/height (mm) 5,003 / 1,968 / 1,679
Wheelbase (mm) 3,004
Tyres (standard) 255/60 ZR18