With their fourth consecutive victory while in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East, Rik Breukers and Axcil Jefferies have had been defend their championship lead, while watching for the epilogue during Race 2, last round of the series, scheduled on Saturday, March 4.

The two young PRO drivers within the team GDL Racing built their victory already each morning, by filling out the pole position inside qualifying sessions which determine the starting grid present in races scheduled along at the Dubai Autodrome.

The start of race was extreme fun, because the attempted attack to your leadership of Rik Breukers by Armaan Ebrahim, the Indian driver protagonist within the 2016 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia and at his first race behind the wheel of the Huracn Super Trofeo of Dilango Racing in Dubai. Breukers, however skillfully defended his first position when using a selection of fast laps (the one driver who had been remain below 1’59″ for any whole stint) which allowed him to go out of your car to Axcil Jefferies in first position. Aforementioned then were take care of the place ’till the end from the race.

Excellent performance for the car # 15, driven from the crew of FFF Racing Team by ACM, formed from the young German, Schreiner Carrie, and Richard Goddard. After begining with the eleventh position caused by a perfectible qualifying, both drivers climbed the ranking owing to a quick pace and a flawless race, which ensured that they acquire a second place overall and a second position in the PRO class. In it, third and fifth overall within the PRO class, you’ll find their teammates of FFF Racing Team, Jack Bartholomew as well as newcomer Devon Modell, driving on the Lamborghini Number 5 . These three PRO crews are all still in contention for any championship title, which includes not been assigned yet.

In the PRO-AM category, within the podium you can find again the duo of Konrad Motorsport, formed by Hendrik Still and Paul Scheuschner, first going to school (and third place overall). The 2 main drivers also won the 2nd round in Dubai, fourteen days ago. The next set up the PRO-AM class was obtained by their direct followers inside the standings, Costantino Bertuzzi and Nigel Farmer of GDL Racing. Finally, the third class place was conquered with the Huracan of your team Dilango Racing, driven by Ebrahim and Malagamuwa. After begining with the front row, they had been then relegated into the ninth place overall, as a result of contact while in the second a part of the race with car n.72 of Antonelli Motorsport.

The championship title within the AM category has already been mathematically assigned, with one race to search: Andrew Haryanto (car #71, GDL Racing) got a fantastic fourth place overall plus a beginning of the process in his category, a result which allowed him to maneuver by 17 points ahead of Antonelli/Roda as well as graduate as a possible AM Champion of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East. These results were achieved after overtaking Marco Antonelli, who finished second during the AM class. After the great performance in qualifying (fourth fastest time overall), the third place was obtained because of the crew from the team GT3 Poland, formed by Myszkowski and Lewandowski.

Lastly, the rookie Gabriele Murroni of Petri Corse continued to better his performance and then to raise his limit.