A year as well as a new race class has shown to remain no challenge for 2016 CP130 Champion, Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin. The PETRONAS Yamaha Maju Motor rider, technically the defending champion from the CP150 class, cruised over the first leg of 2017 for the Temerloh Industrial Park in Temerloh, Pahang.

Qualifying second about the grid alongside polesitter Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi, Kasma’s trademark launch propelled him to the front on the group since the lights sought out for your addition of the 2017 season. Having successfully placed the residual 22-rider grid behind him along at the first corner, Kasma hardly looked back because stormed through the 20-lap race by using a period of 14’38.563s.

Consistently the best rider within the grid, Kasma crossed the bottom line using a hefty 4.256s margin well before his closest competitor.

“The race was won the minute I engineered the best start. That had been what afforded me a simple race. All I had to do was maintain your pace,” said Kasma.

“Picking up maximum points is necessary for my situation while in the first two rounds. I should keep a few points on your bottom line with the situations when I could must take a leave of absence because of clash amongst the Cub Prix as well as the Spanish Championship schedule,” Kasma further explained.

Behind the 17-year-old Johorian, the heating within the competition blazed around Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi. Despite originating in pole position, the GiVi Honda Yuzy Racing rider struggled to interrupt out from the second group during the first four laps, hemmed in using a cluster of Yamaha rivals.

A battle royale ensued, pitting Zaqhwan’s aggressive overtaking attempts against Fitri’s tight defensive riding.

In the ultimate lap scrimage during the last two places over the podium, Fitri was pressured into crashing, although the second position continued to be denied to Zaqhwan. Expected to take evasive action by Fitri’s crash, Zaqhwan made available your window for latecomer Ahmad Fazli Sham to slide through.

Fazli’s chunk of smart riding delivered a 1-2 finish for team PETRONAS Yamaha Maju Motor that has a amount of 14’42.819s. Zaqhwan Zaidi would have to be content in third with 14’42,864s.

In the CP115 class, several main protagonists of 2016 were again the key actors inside first leg in the 2017 season. Defending champion Mohd Akid Aziz started his title defence about the right foot with a 11’22.325s victory. Akid’s team mate Mohd Haziq Mohd Fairues narrowly lost on the most notable honours when he crossed the finale line which has a duration of 11’23.145s, 0.820s behind Akid. Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin was forced to settle for third with 11’32.175s.

Finally, Idemitsu Kozi Yam Honda Racing’s Saiful Azhary Muhamad led the coterie of new talents inside the Wira KBS category whilst bagged the initial chequered flag of year using a age of 09’23.448s. In second and third place, PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha-AFB Tech duo Mohd Daniel Syahmi and Mohd Aiman Tahiruddin did themselves proud by clocking 9’23.203s and 9’26.615s respectively.

Round 2 with the 2017 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship requires placed into Tangkak, Johor on March 24 – 25.

Round 1 Results
1. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin (JHR) Yamaha 14’38.563s 25pt
2. Ahmad Fazli Sham (PRK) Yamaha 14’42.819s 20pt
3. Md Zaqhwan Zaidi (SGR) Honda 14’42.864ss 16pt
4. Ahmad Afif Amran (TRG) Yamaha 14’49.183s 13pt
5. Abd Muhaimin Roslan (SGR) Yamaha 14’49.754s 11pt

1. Md Akid Aziz (KUL) Yamaha 11’22.325s 25pt
2. Md Haziq Md Fairues (SGR) Yamaha 11’23.145s 20pt
3. Tengku Amirul Haffirudin (TRG) Yamaha 11’32.175s 16pt
4. Md Hafienaz Md Ali (PRK) Yamaha 11’35.956s 13pt
5. Ahmad Syukran Aizat (TRG) Yamaha 11’38.218s 11pt

1. Saiful Azhary Muhamad (JHR) Honda 9’23.448s 25pt
2. Md Danial Syahmi (TRG) Yamaha 9’26.203s 20pt
3. Md Aiman Tahiruddin (KUL) Yamaha 9’26.615s 16pt
4. Md Syafiq Aiman (JHR) Yamaha 9’27.037s 13pt
5. Md Anuar Ibrahim Pawi (PRK) Honda 9’27.538s 11pt