The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) has presented the 4th generation of its concept vehicle program: an adaptable pick-up coded in collaboration with BMW Manufacturing Co.

Following last year’s Mazda-based Deep Orange 3 prototype, your fourth generation from the “Deep Orange” concept vehicle program, simply called Deep Orange 4, is usually a BMW Manufacturing Co.-sponsored vehicle with development focused entirely on both manufacturing and product.

The pick-up is dependant on the BMW X3 and is defined as a flexible vehicle that targets the niche market of performance-oriented SUV customers are motivated both best-in-class utility and space as well as aggressive sporty design.

The Project

For the Deep Orange 4 vehicle, a cost-efficient manufacturing plan was developed which details what sort of theoretical low-volume model may be assembled without negatively impacting existing BMW production processes.

After successful finishing an in-plant analysis of the manufacturing technology areas, the kids moved on to product design, which transformed the trunk compartment a great open-bed configuration while using utility of a truck or van.

Suzanne Dickerson, director of international business development at CU-ICAR, said that was the initial Deep Orange concept vehicle to pay attention to both unique methods of manufacturing and also transformative design.

“This project includes a little dual personality,” Dickerson said. “It’s in truth the better of all possible for the students not only to consider consumer lifestyles in the conceptual design process but also to think about the very practical elements interested in manufacturing it inside the most capital-efficient way.”

“The ability to integrate more low-volume models without incurring capital- intensive retooling costs and efficiency losses will be way to succeed sometime soon once we aim to interact with modifications to market needs faster sufficient reason for more flexibility,” said Rich Morris, second in command of assembly, BMW Manufacturing.

“The students implementing this phase from the project did a very good job of keeping costs down while finding optimal integration opportunities.”

About the Deep Organge Concept Program

Students in Clemson’s graduate automotive engineering program need to create and manufacture the latest vehicle prototype.

The program provides students with experience in vehicle design, development, prototyping and production planning.

Each year, a prototype vehicle is developed with a brand new market focus and technical objectives and it’s sponsored by the major manufacturer including a number of suppliers, including Dow Automotive, Sage Automotive while others.