At the LA Auto Show Design Chalenge Honda Advanced Deesign Tokyo has presented the CARpet Concept, an investigation of the veicle having a human-focused interior that has a carpet-like flexible platform.

Designed to your year 2029, when “vehicles are getting to be fully autonomous and accidents a little something from the past”, the flying rug Concept is characerized using a morphing interior that feels alive C free from traditional interfaces, is actually a focus on the human side.

The cabin contains two main elements: a carpet and a ball. The floor boards is usually a highly flexible platform; it is created like a seamless and uninterrupted space while using the freedom to vary shape to your liking.

Whether alone or with friends, traveler(s) can play together with the CARpet interior to create intuitive and natural forms regarding their ride.

Bringing back the joy of travel, the Honda ball allows drivers to interact during their autonomous journey. Within its closed shape, the ball provides users a relaxed interface that responds to vocal, touch and gesture commands for human and vehicle communications.

In “active mode,” the driving force can use the ball to operate your vehicle; the synergy between car and machine emulates that between rider and horse.

Via the Honda ball, the car receives and interprets driver input to figure out its optimum move. In the ride, your car measures driver focus to sync it having a autonomous drive; high focus grants the person greater control and elevates the vehicle’s performance above standard capacity (giving added incentive if you love driving).

And the shift between interacted and fully autonomous drive is seamless C allowing drivers just to take advantage of the ride.

Design Team

  • Jonas Sandstrom, Design Lead
  • Seokmin Kim, Design
  • Dmytro Zyubyairov, Design
  • Rafik Ferrag, Design
  • Jun Goto, Advisor
  • Motoaki Minowa, Director