The Acura Human/Machine Interface Concept is a study of your futuristic vehicle by using a modular mesh structure that will flex and shape using the passengers preferences.

The background envisioned by Honda R&D Americas designers for any year 2029 and for the Sensing the Future theme on the challenge can be a world where most people use magnetic implants that permit a deeper amount of interactivity with machines, while using the ability of connecting with objects and modify them mentally and physically.

This, subsequently, allows technology not just in accommodate the needs of a passenger, but also that is expected them.The Acura concept includes an exterior and interior shell, connected through a modular adjustable mesh which can flex and contour around custom-fit a passenger’s needs.

The interior can be constructed outside of a fabric-like material which really can be changed through pushing or pulling on surfaces that may accommodate 1-2 passengers. By making use of biometrics and after repeated use, your car will be informed on the preferences of the user and anticipate their requirements by changing its shape.

 “The future interior on the autonomous Acura car will be a sandbox for creativity and usability, giving our vehicles a larger role in passengers’ everyday lives.”

Design Team

  • Lili Melikian, Design Lead
  • Lisa Lee, Design Lead
  • James Robbins, Designer
  • Johnathan Norman, Advisor
  • John Frye, Advisor
  • Michelle Christensen, Advisor
  • Dave Marek, Director