Texas. Conditions known by many different identities and nicknames along with the Lone Star State, The Banner State plus the “Don’t Wreak havoc on Texas” state. This land in the longhorns also lays claim that they can to be the place where all things are bigger.

Evidence storing this statement is easily found during among the finest tips on how to experience all Texas has got to offer-a journey. Cruising a variety of roadways, you will discover the world’s largest honky-tonk (Billy Bob’s), world’s largest mechanical talking cowboy (Big Tex for the State Fair of Texas), world’s largest high-definition video board (Texas Motor Speedway), world’s largest caterpillar (in Italy) and the world’s largest urban bat colony (in Austin).

On the latest road trip from Dallas to San Antonio we discovered another to use in their list. Its name: Buc-ee’s. Its claim to fame: world’s biggest convenience store.

Heading south on Interstate 35, we bypassed the congestion that is symbolic of Austin by subtracting another say they Texas fame